Ampify Apps

Whilst working at Ampify Music as a User Experience Designer, I worked on a multitude of products, improving the accessibility, user delight and overall experience.

Ampify Studio Release

An easy to use, music making tool for desktop. My work on the project consisted of improving user journeys into the app, building a better sound browsing experience, conducting multiple analyses of competitors and working with users to improve the product.

Horizon Synth Design

As design lead for the project my role was to design a new synth for the Groovebox app. The ambient polyphonic synth could produce lush pads, dreamy melodies and analogue organs. – Therefore the design look and feel had to harmonise with the sound design.

Marketing Content

With most major software releases and quality of life improvements, it was my role to ensure that the new features were demonstrated fully in marketing and content material. This was achieved working alongside musicians, marketing and videographers.

App Store Promo

Groovebox for iOS was picked as ‘App of the Day’ on the Apple App Store. To give the best impression of the app to new users, my role was to create artwork for the ‘App of the Day’ page.