Postman’s Problem

Runners are neglecting their cities, many avoiding the bustling streets and heading to parks and trails. Postman’s Problem is an app that transforms the relationship that runners have with their cities. – By aiding runners in completing every single street. It’s a way for runners to fall in love with their city, by understanding every inch of it.

Interface Design

A map-first interface was designed to focus on guide runners through their journey of running every street in a city. User flows, design probes and participatory design research methods were used to inform the interaction design of the app.

Mapping Algorithm Development

What is the most efficient way of travelling along every street in a city? By replicating the mathematical model for how post is delivered in cities in GIS software, I developed an algorithm that could find the fastest way to navigate every street in a city.

Promotional Film

A promotional film was created to support the potential release of the application. The focus of the film was on the benefits of city running, and featured the app as the core method of exploring city routes.