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My name is Ben, and I am a designer, creative and full time goofball. This is my little corner on the interwebs.

The length of the the UK, on a bike, with a sewing machine.

Sew Many Miles ↗

Huntington’s Drum App

Improving the neural health of people with Huntington’s Disease with the creation of a drum training app.

Thinking Like A Tree

A campaign to challenge the human-centric mindset, empathise with non-human beings and develop a stronger connection to the world around us.

Lagganlia Map

Redesigning the Lagganlia Outdoor Centre map to improve accessibility, accuracy and longevity.

Ampify Music

Improving the accessibility, user delight and overall experience of the Ampify app family.

Coffee Addict

A coffee machine designed to critique the addictive tendencies of the drink and challenge the ‘cleanliness’ of industrial design.

Postman’s Problem

An app to aid running every single street in a city.

Open Spaces

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About Me

I’m Ben, a designer who cares about delivering creative and engaging solutions to real problems. A graduate of BSc Product Design Technology at University of Brighton, on a mission to discover the relationship between experience, connection to nature, and adventure.

During my time developing design solutions to unique problems, I’ve had the pleasure of working with some super teams on some excellent projects, which include:


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